Secondary School


St John’s is a feeder primary school for Priestnall School. We are situated less than a mile away from the school and have forged strong links. The children have many opportunities to visit the school through a variety of experience days and sporting opportunities. The number of opportunities increase as the children move higher up the school and into a more formal transition process with the secondary school.

Even if some children do not eventually go to Priestnall,‚Äč it is still valuable experience for them to experience a secondary school site and begin to gain an insight into what being at a secondary school is like. Often Priestnall will advertise their events such as open evenings through our school.

More details about Priestnall School can be found at

Some of our children also join other secondary schools these may include:

Parrswood, Bramall High School, Barlow RC High and some children choose to enter the private sector.

Regardless of the secondary school children eventually go to, the staff at St John’s actively support the transition process and aim to give our children the best start to their secondary education that we can.

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