At St John’s we believe the children gain as much from experiences outside of the classroom as the more academic opportunities. Therefore we offer children the chance to go on two residential during their time in Key Stage 2. Obviously neither are compulsory, but we have found their growing popularity an indicator of how much personal development and enjoyment the children gain from them. These visits are often one of a child’s most memorable things about primary school.

In Years 3 and 4 children have the chance to visit Plas Nant Glyn which is a 2 night stay in a converted farm house in Wales. During this time children partake in lots of team building activities which includes a day trip to Kingswood Activity Centre. During the visit children are cared for by the St John’s staff and there is a heavy focus on the pastoral care, which each day ending with a story and hot chocolate around an open fire. The cost of the visit is usually approximately £160.


In Years 5 and 6 the residential is for 4 nights and takes the children to PGL Boreatton Park, not too far from Shrewsbury. This is a longer trip looking to develop children’s independence and build upon their resilience and problem solving skills as well as providing them with a few thrill seeking opportunities. Again the children are accompanied and cared for by St John’s staff but the activities are run by fully qualified PGL staff. The cost of this trip is usually around £320.

Both trips are organised a long way ahead of the departure date allowing for thorough preparations and parents are keep informed of key information throughout the process. This also allows for payment to be spread out across several months.

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