Reading forms a vital part of children’s education and as such it is critical that children read regularly at home with their parents.  Parental engagement with the reading process forms a key part of the Home School Agreement for this reason.  Please see the below document outlining our Reading Expectations.

Approaches to home readers differs slightly between year groups and further details about exchanging books etc will be communicated by the class teachers.  The reading books we use are banded and increase in difficulty in close relationship with children’s phonics knowledge.  The aim is not to move through the reading scheme as quickly as possible but for children to practise their phonics and word decoding skills in a variety of books, whilst also developing their comprehension skills.  The books used are from a mixture of suppliers including Oxford Reading Tree, Rising Stars and Badger Learning.  The decision to use a range of suppliers was taken to allow children to experience a range of writing styles, vocabulary and genres.

More advice is given about reading at parental workshops and via meetings with your child’s class teacher.

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