Cyberbullying is using the internet, email, online games or any digital technology to threaten, tease, upset or humiliate someone else.

What if you’re being bullied online?
Sometimes it can seem like cyberbullying will never end. But there are some things you can do to make it stop.

Nobody has to go through online bullying alone. Telling someone you trust could help you report the cyber bullying and give you more confidence to deal with the situation. You could talk to a friend, an adult you trust or contact trained counsellors at Childline

Cyberbullying is not against the law, but harassment or threatening behaviour is. That means if someone keeps making you feel scared on purpose, what they’re doing could be illegal.

If someone’s bullying or threatening you, something can be done to stop them and you should report it to an adult you trust. If you can, keep a record of the bullying. Having a record of when and where the bullying happened can help to get it stopped. Find out more about staying safe online.

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