Guidance for Parents - Safer Internet Day 2019

At the parent e-safety workshop last week, some parents expressed a desire to have some more information about parental controls, privacy settings and general advice around steps to support their children stay safe online.  Below is a link from the Safer Internet Centre who organise Safer Internet Day providing specific advice for parents - its well worth a look.

Below is a parent guide to Fortnite as many of our children are playing this, including children in Reception.  A reminder that the minimum age limit is 12.

More guidance and support for parents can be found on the school website under the parents tab.

In a questionnaire last week, 31% of our children said they did not have any internet rules at home.  Please use today as an opporuntiy to open the discussions with your child if you have not had these conversations yet.  Increasingly our children are accessing the internet via mobile devices so we all need to ensure they are equipped with the right skills to make the right choices and that as parents we have enough information to support them.

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