E-Safety Workshop

Thanks to all those who attended the E-Safety workshop this morning.  Your feedback shows just how useful the session was and the need to keep working together to best prepare our children for the digital environment they live in.  Please talk to other parents about the key messages and if you were unable to make it, ask those parents who did go.

It was good to be able to share the school's perspective with parents.

The key messages shared by Tanya were around

  • it's about the behaviours we teach children in using technolgy not dictating everything they can or can't do
  • we need to keep open discussions going with our children
  • we need to be positive role models as adults about how we use social media and our devices
  • the internet has many advantages and we need to equip our children to be able to make good choices about their use of it

Safer Internet Day is next Tuesday we will be doing more work in school with the children.

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