Wider Opportunities

Clubs led by school staff are free for children to attend, with the exception of baking to cover the cost of ingredients. Some clubs however, do have restrictions whether it be specific year groups or maximum numbers. See the letter each term for the full list and details. Clubs will be allocated on a first come first served basis where maximum numbers apply.

To enable staff to plan for and organise clubs in the most successful way we do ask that children attend their chosen clubs on a weekly basis to provide stability in the numbers involved. If a club needs to be cancelled we will provide as much notice as possible. If your child is unable to make a club on a particular week we would appreciate them informing the member of staff involved so we know who to expect at each club. Your child should be collected from the main entrance (the school office), the member of staff running the club will bring your child to meet you there.

The Sports Coaches also offer a range of clubs, which involve payment. Money is payable to the sports coaches or the school office, even if your child misses a session, to cover the costs of the sports coaches. The clubs they offer are £4.80 per session payable to the Sports Coaches.

Music is a huge part of St John’s and there are lots of opportunities for children to begin playing a musical instrument. Children have the chance to play guitar, ukulele, violin, the steel drums and all Year 5 learn the cello for a year with the chance to carry it on. There is also a school choir. Both the choir and musicians perform regularly throughout the year both at school events and in and around the community.

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